GRACE – four stars.

In an old regional theatre, Alfie, a comedian who performed as the male half of a double act re-enters the stage… as Zora, a woman.  A charming, funny rollercoaster through show business, gender, spirituality, identity and love.

“Sharp observations on the entertainment industry… Reddin-Clancy is delightful onstage.  The List.

“A journey of gender, life and love. Grace…impressively weaving between genders and characters…The quick, sarcastic gags and sharp dialogue was well written and Reddin-Clancy did a brilliant job.”  Ed Fest Mag

“The fringe is perfect for performances like Grace…full of fascinating contradictions…about the drag and theatre industries.” Three Weeks

“The strength of this show is Katie’s razor sharp…barbed tongue and her skill as a comedian. Katie is a skilled performer with fantastic delivery – I look forward to seeing her shine.”  One4Review

“A barn storming whirlwind performance… Tremendous hour of thought-provoking fun.” GScene.

“Beautiful…haunting and poetic…Deliciously observed character comedy. Mesmerising and witty piece of comedy theatre. Reddin-Clancy’s performance is powerful, intelligent and funny. Go see this show for laughs and food for thought.” Mumble Theatre

The enigma that is Grace. Grace is not comedy, not cabaret, not theatre, it is all…in the body of one actor….in a gender-bending, time-melding, quick-stepping menagerie of theatrical homage.  Katie Reddin-Clancy, a performer to be reckoned with, the kind of individual you couldn’t pin down if you tried.  Grace plays with artifice…like a magician that reveals their tricks…. laying the cards of the gender fluidity conversation clearly on the table. When she sings, it is wonderful… the flamboyance.  Like Katie’s performance, it is indefinable, of infinite variety.  Come one, come all, come down and embrace the carnivalesque world of this unique performer’s mind. The Empty Blog Space

“A neatly etched figure of poise… a remarkable, versatile talent who sets a very high bar indeed… Reddin-Clancy has a flair for bon-mots, sharp one-liners, word play and comic commentary… around performance, failure…artistic struggle.  “Art does not fill the fridge,” she sagely proclaims.  Particularly impressive was her killer routine as (the) agent … Everything comes together for a finely honed finale… ambition, self-worth and acceptance are woven into a moving reflection…(her) skills as a writer come to the fore, the show’s combination of styles really clicks.  Fresh from a successful run at Adelaide Fringe and marks Reddin-Clancy’s return to Melbourne after 5 years, when her show ‘Kate Middleton Show Queen’ was a hit. Here’s hoping she doesn’t leave such a lag next time.”  Herald Sun 

“Katie Reddin-Clancy’s acting and delivery were superb.  Her brilliance shines in the details… The writing was clever, authentic and witty…  The characters are voices of femininity, power, love, self-discovery — where dreams mesh with reality.”  The Advertiser

“It’s delivered via some fine writing, punchy one-liners…Experience and intelligence show: her delivery is confident, clear and assured. It is a pleasure to watch her, to be beguiled by her characters and to be left with plenty to think about.”   Stage Whispers

“Remarkable in its originality and daring, Grace is an excellent performance showcasing a talented performer…a story about identity and love.  As you scan the Fringe’s schedule it could be easy to miss… but it would be a mistake.  Charming, funny and witty.”  Tulpa Magazine

“Grace” is topical, diverse… an excellent independent Fringe show.”  Adelaide Theatre Guide

“Reddin-Clancy creates some wonderful characterisations and the comic delivery of the stand-up aspects of the script is spot on…ts heart is pure and strong.”  Broadway World

“Make no doubt about it – this is a brave performance.  Go see it…the talented actress is well worth seeing.”  Weekend Notes

International tour:

  • 04 – 18 March @ Tuxedo Cat for Adelaide Fringe Festival
  • 27 March – 1 April @ The Butterfly Club for Melbourne International Comedy Festival
  • 4-7 May and 2-3 June at The Theatre Box in The Warren for Brighton Fringe Festival
  • 1-27 August at The Gilded Balloon – Edinburgh Fringe Festival